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Vehicle Permit Requirement for Mexico

Receive your Vehicle Permit before you leave!

Vehicle importation requirements have changed effective June 11, 2011. Banjercito now requires you to leave a guarantee deposit in addition to the fee for your vehicle importation permit. Get the details.

The Banjercito Office is the office in Mexico where you obtain your vehicle permit which allows you to take your vehicle into Mexico past the 21 KM checkpoint.*

You can now fill out your vehicle permit form online at

Once you complete the form, you can choose to have your vehicle permit mailed to you so you can have it before you get to the border (a big time saver!) Or, you can simply print the form and present it to the Banjército official when you get to the border. This will help expedite your permit process.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are traveling within the state of Sonora or Baja California click here to read important information that pertains specifically to you.

Schedule for Banjercito Offices at the Following Ports of Entry.

Agua Prieta/Douglas, AZ 24 hours all week
Naco/Bisbee, AZ 10 AM till 10 PM Fri- Sun
Nogales KM 21 /Nogales, AZ 24 hours all week
San Luis Colorado/San Luis, Yuma, AZ 8 AM - Midnight all week
Sonoita/Lukeville, AZ (Pitiquito, Son) 24 hours all week

Cd. Acuña/Del Río, TX 6 AM - 10 PM all week
Cd. Juarez KM 30 /El Paso, TX 24 hours all week
Colombia/Laredo, TX 8 AM – midnight all week
Los Indios - Harlingen, TX 9 AM – 6 PM Mon-Sat
Pte. Nuevo Matamoros/Bronwsville, TX 24 hours all week
Miguel Alemán/Roma, TX 24 hours all week
Ojinaga/Presidio, TX 24 hours all week
Piedras Negras KM 53.4/Eagle Pass, TX 24 hours all week
Pte. Anzalduas / Mission, TX 6 AM – 10 PM all week
Reynosa/Pharr, TX 6 AM - midnight all week
Reynosa/McAllen, TX 24 hours all week

Mexicali/Calexico, CA 6 AM – 10 PM all week
Tecate/San Diego, CA 8 AM - 8 PM Mon-Fri; 8AM – 4:00 PM Sat-Sun
Tijuana/San Ysidro, CA 7 AM - 11PM Mon-Fri; 8 AM - 4 PM Sat.
Tijuana/Otay, CA 8 AM – 9 PM all week, 8 AM – midnight in December

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