Road updates for Nuevo Leon & Tamaulipas

Capufe (Mexico’s website for all toll roads and bridges) has announced the following as of today:

All types of vehicles have been allowed to transit through the freeway from Monterrey to Nuevo Laredo. There is a 4 km portion of the road that turns into a single lane on both sides (KM 142+700 to KM 146+700). Please drive slowly.

The roads from Reynosa to Monterrey are clear to drive. No problems have been reported.

The toll road from Matamoros to Ciudad Victoria (HWY 101) is still closed but the free route is opened to traffic.

If you have any questions about these or any other roads, you can call Capufe at 011527773292100 ext. 3869 or 01152018009903900 (24/7 line).


Temporary Bridge Closings

Due to the heavy rains from Hurricane Alex, water is being released from the Amistad Dam into the Rio Grande River to help prevent further flooding in the neighboring cities.  Some bridges are being closed temporarily due to the significant increase in water in the Rio Grande River.

In Laredo, Bridge One, the older bridge downtown, will be closed today. The other bridges in Laredo, Bridge Two, also in the downtown area, the World Trade and Colombia bridges will all remain open because they are taller and will not be affected by the extra water.

Across the border from Del Rio in Ciudad Acuna, authorities in Mexico have decided to temporarily closed the border bridge as a precautionary measure from the flooding as well.

In Reynosa, the Anzalduas bridge which crosses into Mission, TX is also temporarily closed. You can contact the bridge to confirm when it will be open at (956) 843-2471.