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Mexico Tourism Board Response for Texas Statement

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Issued on December 17, 2010
The recent holiday travel warning for the entire nation of Mexico issued by the state of Texas Department of Public Safety director is an unwarranted overreaction.

As the U.S. Department of State has noted, “millions of U.S. citizens travel safely to Mexico each year. This includes tens of thousands who cross the border every day for study, tourism or business and at least one million U.S. citizens who live in Mexico.”

Internationally-celebrated destinations such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are among the most welcoming and relaxing resorts in the world. There could not be a better time to visit.

We are disappointed in this action, and ask anyone considering a vacation to Mexico to speak with any of the millions of Americans, Canadians, and other foreign nationals who chose to vacation at our resorts this year, and are already planning on visiting again next year.


Testimonial for safe travel in Mexico

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The following is a testimonial submitted to Sanborn’s Mexico Auto Insurance:

I got home to Leon safe and sound late Saturday afternoon. I was a little bit stressed when I left McAllen because of all the negative comments I had encountered. I thank all for their concerns and worries, but let me tell you that after having made several round trips driving from Leon – McAllen, I could only say that on this last trip, things were the same as always. I drove through Monterrey, went through the city, always used tolls roads and, of course, traveled by day. I drove a Honda minivan with my wife, daughter and granddaughter. I saw no gunned cars on the side of the road and no roadblocks. I am sure that with the normal and reasonable safety measures, anyone can get to their destination without problems.

By the way, the new Anzalduas bridge is great to avoid Reynosa traffic. The security has been improved for the holidays from Reynosa all the way to Saltillo. (I used the new toll road for Saltillo-Monterrey.)

– Pablo Steinman


Mexico Road Updates

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Sanborn’s would like to inform all Mexico travelers that we have added a new page to our website, dedicated to Mexico road updates. This information is provided to us directly from CAPUFE (Caminos y Puentes). Click here to view the latest road updates.