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This beautiful city was founded in 1531, was built with the effort and the art of the region natives and spaniard entrepreneurs. The city of Puebla is also the capital of the state of Puebla, and is located about 75 miles southeast of Mexico City, surrounded by two snow-capped volcanoes, the Popocatepetl “Popo”, and Iztaccihuatl “La Mujer dormida” or “Sleeping woman”.

With one of the most artistic arquitectures, leaving an important legacy to the world, sits the grandiose Historical Center of the City of Puebla, which was declared a “Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO in 1987, with a unique blend of European and Arabic styles with the flavor of native culture, where you can find some of the most amazing structures and fine buildings, like the Catedral, a true architectural jewel, with a front facade built out of a black limestone, with two towers, considered the highest in Mexico and 14 interior chapels.

The majestic city of Puebla has one of the most renowned gastronomies in Mexico, for its own unique combinations of European, Arab and indigineous influences. Puebla is world famous for one of the most unique dishes in Mexican Cuisine: Mole Poblano. Following with legendary dishes as Chiles en Nogada and the typical candies including camotes, made with a mix of sweet potatoes and sugar with added flavors like strawberry, obleas, jamoncillos, among other favorites that you can find in ” The street of candies”, Yes! you have an entire street, to enjoy the variety offered.


La Plazuela de los Sapos, in the heart of the city, surrounded with amazing elegant colonial buildings, hosts artist’s and craftman’s workshops and antique shops. On the weekends a “tianguis” a “flea market style” is set up, where you can find the most rare objects, antiques and unexpected items. Surrounding the area you will also find some of the best restaurants and bars in the city offering the best of local foods. If you are antique lover, this is your paradise!

Puebla is so rich in culture, history and contributions to Mexico, that we can count. Full of life, wonderful people, amazing architecture, street of candies, amazing gastronomy, great nightlife, and wonderful weather, unbelievable views with two volcanoes, the only way to experience this is by visiting Puebla.

Inspire yourself with Puebla!





Testimonial for safe travel in Mexico

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The following is a testimonial submitted to Sanborn’s Mexico Auto Insurance:

I got home to Leon safe and sound late Saturday afternoon. I was a little bit stressed when I left McAllen because of all the negative comments I had encountered. I thank all for their concerns and worries, but let me tell you that after having made several round trips driving from Leon – McAllen, I could only say that on this last trip, things were the same as always. I drove through Monterrey, went through the city, always used tolls roads and, of course, traveled by day. I drove a Honda minivan with my wife, daughter and granddaughter. I saw no gunned cars on the side of the road and no roadblocks. I am sure that with the normal and reasonable safety measures, anyone can get to their destination without problems.

By the way, the new Anzalduas bridge is great to avoid Reynosa traffic. The security has been improved for the holidays from Reynosa all the way to Saltillo. (I used the new toll road for Saltillo-Monterrey.)

– Pablo Steinman


Travel Industry Recognizes Mexico’s Leading All-Inclusive Resort

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For a second year in a row, Hacienda Tres Rios Resort, Spa & Nature Park received two of the coveted World Travel Awards for “Mexico’s Leading All-Inclusive Resort” and “Leading Green Hotel in Mexico and Central America.”

Described as the “Oscars” of the travel industry by The Wall Street Journal, the World Travel Awards is acknowledged as the foremost authority on recognizing the excellence of products and services in the tourism industry.

According to the organizing committee of the World Travel Awards, more than 185,000 industry professionals, including travel agencies, tour operators, and tourism companies in 160 countries around the world, participated in the voting process to elect the “best of the best.”

Accepting the awards for Hacienda Tres Rios was Orlando Arroyo, President of the Board of Directors of Tres Ríos, and was accompanied by Erika Garcia, CEO of Yucatan Holidays Travel.

Orlando Arroyo, representing Tres Rios, expressed his appreciation of the distinctive selection of Hacienda Tres Rios. He emphasized the importance of increasing travel to Mexico and Latin America as well as the industry’s shift towards responsible tourism.

Last year, the grand gala awards ceremony was held in Mexico for the first time in its 16-year history and was hosted by Hacienda Tres Rios in the Riviera Maya. This year, the red-carpet event took place at Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica.

The Riviera Maya resort recently received the 2010 Skal International Ecotourism Award during the organization’s 71st World Congress in Sydney, Australia. With two Green Globe Certifications, the eco-friendly resort was identified by judges as “one of the most sustainable resorts in the world” by Skal International judges. The Mexico resort also received three Travel Weekly Magellan Awards.

About Hacienda Tres Rios
Nestled in a 326-acre pristine nature park in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, Hacienda Tres Rios is an endless luxury, all-inclusive resort in the Mexican Caribbean, forty-five minutes south of Cancun International Airport. Opened in November 2008, Hacienda Tres Rios is the first resort of five at Tres Rios Nature Park. The resort boasts 273 suites using natural materials. At the forefront of sustainable tourism development, Hacienda Tres Rios creates amazing guest experiences while also protecting the region’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. The Tres Rios Nature Park is open exclusively for resort guests, and offers guided nature tours through mangrove forests, snorkeling in cenotes and rivers, and daily activities for children. For more information, visit


Mexico Time Change

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The entire country of Mexico has turned back their clocks 1 hour, except for the border states. The border states will follow suite along with the U.S.A. later this week.


Mexico’s Bicentennial

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Happy Bicentennial, Mexico. This September 16th, we honor the heroes of Mexico who first declared their independence from the Spanish Crown 200 years ago, and to all those who rose up to defend Mexico’s ideals of democracy, liberty, and justice during the revolution 100 years later. Thanks to their sacrifice, Mexico today is a strong, modern country with a thriving economy, and one of the world’s most admired cultures.Our nations are connected by the busiest border in the world, by a rich economic partnership, by a vibrant exchange of cultures, and by the millions of Mexican Americans who have contributed so much to our own nation. Our common history and our common future gives us the courage and the foundation to build an even stronger base for our work together.

Mexico and the United States share so much. With confidence in our democratic institutions, our shared values, and our unwavering friendship, we will continue working together to confront the challenges in the 21st century, and to build prosperity and peace for all of our people.

As we celebrate 200 years of your independence, we look forward to a long future of friendship and close cooperation. Viva Mexico!

A video message is available here:

A Spanish version is available here:


Pesos only when crossing from Mexico into Texas

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Anyone crossing back into Texas from Mexico, on foot or by car, should be aware that the toll booths on the Mexico side are no longer accepting U.S. currency. Please make sure you have pesos to pay the tolls when coming back; otherwise, after waiting in line, you will have to go back to exchange your dollars for pesos. The recent change is due to a new banking regulation in Mexico which does not allow anyone to deposit more than $7,000 U.S. per month. Caminos y Puentes, the agency responsible for collecting the tolls, deposits about $20,000 per day. The Mexico government has implemented this new law in order to help combat money laundering. They are working on resolving this issue, but in the meantime, please make sure you have pesos on hand before getting to the bridge to come back into the U.S.


Consulate’s warning for Rocky Point unsubstantiated

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Business leaders in Puerto Penasco, commonly known as Rocky Point, met on Monday to discuss the backlash of calls and emails received as a result of the warning that specifically mentioned dangers (such as “Fake” checkpoint) on Highway 8, the road to this popular beach resort town. According to the director of Mexico’s Federal Highway Patrol, no incidents like those discussed in the warning have occurred.

The AFI, which is like the Federal Investigative Agency, has also denied any knowledge of problems along Highway 8. Local police chief Erick Landagaray expressed surprise that the Consulate would issue a warning without so much as a thread of truth to it, without first consulting with his office. The Attorneys General at the State as well as Federal level have also said there is no basis for the claims of violence on the road to Puerto Penasco.

According to the American business community, it seems that warning posted by the U.S. Consulate has violated their own policy of not relying solely on unsubstantiated rumors, which in the process has harmed an entire community, many of whom are Americans.

Read the entire article here.


The Riviera Maya

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The Riviera Maya is a tourism district following Highway 400 along the coastline of Quintana Roo, Mexico. This district historically started at the city of Playa del Carmen and ended at the village of Tulum. Although the towns of Puerto Morelos, situated further north, and the town of Felipe Carrillo, located further south, are both currently being promoted as part of the Riviera Maya.

This entire district is famous for its large-scale, all-inclusive resorts and smaller boutique hotel. Luxury travel entities have been instrumental in increasing luxury villa rentals and yacht charters in the area; however, these only represent a small fraction of the total tourism accommodations available. Tourists of all budgets will be able to find clean and updated accommodations in the Riviera Maya.

The major attractions throughout the Riviera Maya are the beautiful coastal water and the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System (aka Belize Barrier Reef), which begins near Cancun and continues along the whole length of the Riviera Maya continuing southward to Guatemala. This barrier reef system is the second longest in the world. Activities at the most visited locations include jet skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, zip-lining, horseback riding, and guided jungle tours. Archeology is also a big tourist draw in the area, including the popular Tulum, Xcaret and Xel-Ha sites.

Another very popular activity is swimming in cenotes. Cenotes are large sinkholes that occur in these limestone regions exposing a network of underground rivers. The cenote water temperature stays at 76 °F year round while coastal waters range from 78 °F in January to 84 °F in August. In 2008, the Quintana Roo Speleological Society reported more than 700 km of flooded cave passages within the limits of the Riviera Maya. The groundwater resources are accessed via the thousands of cenotes throughout the Riviera Maya.


U.S. Tour of Ballet Folklórico de México

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The Mexico Tourism Board is a sponsor of the Ballet Folklórico de México’s 2010 U.S. tour. The internationally acclaimed dance troop, originally called Ballet Moderno de Mexico, began in 1952 by Amalia Hernandez with only eight dancers. The troupe now includes more than 75 of the Mexico’s most talented folk dancers, and has garnered more than 200 international awards.

“We are proud to once again be promoting Mexico’s legendary Ballet Folklórico and their visionary interpretations of some of Mexico’s destinations and heritage,” said Mariana Pedrero, Director of the Mexico Tourism Board’s New York Office. “This year’s program is a clear example of how dance can embody the richness of a culture and provide powerful imagery worthy of Amalia Hernandez’s work and Mexico’s revolutionary spirit.”

Highlights of the new program will be Dioses Aztecas (Aztec Gods), a piece that has not been performed outside Mexico in many years due to the complexity of its staging. Other new additions to the program include The Feather Dance and The Jarabes, two dances from the southern state of Oaxaca, one of Mexico’s most culturally rich states. Other dances include an homage to the central-western state of Jalisco, where most tequila is produced and where both the cowboy tradition of charrería and mariachi music were born; and El Gusto, a Mexican tap dance from the Pacific coastal state of Guerrero. And the Revolution of 1910-1917 will be celebrated through its female fighters, the soldaderas, who joined the war for democracy along with the men, in a piece called Revolución. Audiences can see Ballet Folklórico de México’s magic in the U.S. in 55 shows in 42 cities all in just 10 weeks. Supporting the dancers will be 15 musicians performing onstage, including a mariachi band playing a selection of Mexico’s best-known sones, or songs.

Mexico Tourism Board,


Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo: The Jewels of the South Pacific

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The towns of Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo are located southwest of Mexico City along the coastline of the State of Guerrero. They are so close to one another that everyone refers to them as one destination. Tourists and residents enjoy a semi-tropical climate year around with an average of 300 sunny days a year and temperatures ranging from 73°-93° Fahrenheit.

Virtually everything in Ixtapa is within walking distance: the major boutiques, the arts and crafts market and most restaurants are located to one side of the main avenue, Paseo Ixtapa. A night out at the Marina is a wonderful way to enjoy the magical nautical scenery, before heading off to the discos. Ixtapa harbors first class hotels along El Palmar Beach such as the tranquil Las Brisas Resort.

Diverse activities and ecotourism have been widely developed recently: rappel, zip-line, rafting and hiking are possible at two exciting adventure parks. The recently remodeled bicycle path is great for skating, cycling or jogging.

Zihuatanejo is a unique town with a gorgeous bay and warm beaches that have inspired national and international artists’ vacations here. A great diversity of hotels can be found here from the most exclusive boutiques to charming little bungalows.

Aside from visiting the many beautiful, virgin-like beaches, a common tourist attraction is the Paseo del Pescador. Here one can see the daily happenings of the fishermen, walk down stone-paved streets, and browse in the small shops and boutiques, which offer a wide variety of crafts, silver and beachwear.

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is one of the most preferred fishing destinations in the world; a great diversity and abundance of species, a mild climate, the water temperature, and the size of the fish are only a few points in its favor. The same conditions that make this region such a great fishing spot, also makes it an amazing scuba diving location. For those who enjoy bird watching, more than 320 species have been recorded in this region. This represents at least one third of all species recorded in Mexico.

No doubt Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is a destination where there is always something new to be discovered. It truly cannot be compared to any other coastal region in Mexico. It remains a quiet, peaceful city despite its growth; its inhabitants refuse to see it grow into an Americanized vacation spot, to get lost among others.