Rocky Point – Spring Break 2016

Relax, Refresh and Renew….Spring break is here!

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Rocky Point has been a preferred Spring break destination for many years now, only a short road trip from Phoenix and Tucson, makes a great choice to enjoy the break. Pack your bags and let’s go to Rocky Point, for a much needed getaway. Pack your bags, grab your passport, purchase Mexican Auto Insurance, and head over to Rocky Point.

There are many events planned by beachfront resorts and clubs around town; and if by now you don’t have your reservations ready, contact our friends at Playa Bonita, great food (Don’t miss their breakfast buffet!), great parties and you will have the best views of the bay to enjoy the majestic sunsets of Rocky Point.

Playa Bonita Hotel Reservations

To have the most updated information on events, visit our friends from Rocky Point 360.

Don't cross the border without it!

Don’t cross the border without it!

Have fun, and remember, Don’t drink and Drive!

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IMPORTANT MESSAGE – Highway 8 Census Poll

The Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT in Spanish) will conduct a census poll on Highway 8 between Sonoyta and Puerto Peñasco where motorist will be asked Origin-Destination information on their trip and commercial vehicles will be weighed. The company doing this work is conducting this poll on ALL Highways in the States of Sonora and Chihuahua under contract from the Secretary.

They had planned to conduct this census from the 24th until 28th of May but because of the latest incidents in the news, they have agreed to postpone it starting next Monday the 31st in the afternoon to set up equipment and the actual polling at 11:59 PM until Friday June 4th at midnight. This is a 24 hour operation.

Signs will be placed one mile before the polling station and the personnel will be wearing the proper highway vests and identification.

Please find the following attachments: Sample road sign
The official letter and translation from the SCT:

I urge you to post this information on you social networks and publications ASAP to prevent any misunderstandings.

Arq. Fausto Soto
International Relations and Tourism
City of Puerto Peñasco


Consulate’s warning for Rocky Point unsubstantiated

Business leaders in Puerto Penasco, commonly known as Rocky Point, met on Monday to discuss the backlash of calls and emails received as a result of the warning that specifically mentioned dangers (such as “Fake” checkpoint) on Highway 8, the road to this popular beach resort town. According to the director of Mexico’s Federal Highway Patrol, no incidents like those discussed in the warning have occurred.

The AFI, which is like the Federal Investigative Agency, has also denied any knowledge of problems along Highway 8. Local police chief Erick Landagaray expressed surprise that the Consulate would issue a warning without so much as a thread of truth to it, without first consulting with his office. The Attorneys General at the State as well as Federal level have also said there is no basis for the claims of violence on the road to Puerto Penasco.

According to the American business community, it seems that warning posted by the U.S. Consulate has violated their own policy of not relying solely on unsubstantiated rumors, which in the process has harmed an entire community, many of whom are Americans.

Read the entire article here.