Bosques de Monterreal

At first glance, Bosques de Monterreal can trick you into thinking that you’re in Portland or even Canada, with its snow capped mountains, pine trees and remote log cabins. However, snow falls only in late December, January, & February, but the average temperatures range from 75 F during the summer to 50 F in winter. The resort is located in the State of Coahuila about 45 minutes southeast from Saltillo and about 90 minutes from Monterrey. If you ever want to try something different in Mexico, Monterreal is the place.

Depending on your stay and the size of your party, you can book a rustic log cabin with all the amenities, including a wood burning fire place, a large gas heater and electric heaters for the bathrooms. Sure the cabin styles are rustic, but you’ll be far from “roughing it” with your choice of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom and bathroom cabins. Each cabin has an equipped kitchen with coffee maker, silverware, stove, blender, set of dishes, microwave, refrigerator & toaster. All cabins have satellite TV and private parking spaces while some also include king size beds, a bar, fireplace and private balcony.

Close to the reception area is where all of the activities are held (approx. 8,000 ft above sea level), which include skiing, horseback riding, four-wheeling, bike trails and hiking, indoor heated pool, gym, jacuzzi, tennis and basketball courts and a kids club with a farm. Most of the activities are free of charge, others like the skiing, horse riding and four-wheeling are additional but include a guided tour and/or instructor. The golf course is a hike away or go by car up the mountains to approximately 10,000 ft. It’s definitely worth the trip because the scenery is breathtaking once you get to the top.

Bosques de Monterreal’s unique location provides visitors with a wide range of exceptional outdoor skiing all year round with its natural and artificial snow. The ski center was designed to the highest standards and the construction was supervised by Europe’s most experienced professionals in this highly specialized field. The ski center has two runs: The main slope has a run of 230 m, and there is a separate 45 m long slope which was specially designed for beginners and toboggans. The main track has a slope of about 20 degrees. In terms of difficulty, it is rated as a blue run. In Europe, these centers were designed to teach or improve skiing techniques. It is also interesting to note that many European Olympians learned to ski on these kinds of slopes, many of which have been certified by the various national associations. And don’t forget their picturesque spectacular 9-hole par 68 golf course located in a pristine mountain landscape at an altitude of 2900 m.

Enjoy the natural environment and spectacular scenery while playing at Mexico’s highest golf course. The course has a separate putting green and practice area, and carts and golf equipment are available for rent. Caddy service is available daily.

RESERVATIONS In Monterrey, N.L., MEXICO:Blvd. Antonio L. Rodríguez 840 Pte., Col. San Jerónimo. Phone: (818) 333-8440, Fax: (818) 347-6833

In Saltillo, Coah., MEXICO: Ave. Universidad 1035 (Ed. del Diario) Col. Universidad. Phone: (844) 411-9800 Call toll free: 01 800 712-7668 E-mail:


Anzalduas International Bridge

The Anzalduas International Bridge has officially opened for traffic. This highly anticipated opening of the bridge has come after nearly 17 years of work and forging of a strong partnership between the Texas cities of McAllen, Mission, Hidalgo and Granjeno. The new bridge will serve as the most direct and efficient route between the Rio Grande Valley and Mexican cities such as Monterrey and Saltillo, reducing travel time by as much as 45 minutes.